Stories To Life - Hansel & Gretel

Concept Art

For this project I was commissioned by the Fuzzy Logic team to illustrate three pages from the Hansel & Gretel fairytale for an augmented reality children’s storybook.

The Concept
Two-dimensional illustrations will be printed in a book, alongside the text telling the story. The book is sold with an app which allows children to view the illustrations through a tablet or smartphone, and the scene comes to life, popping out like a 3 dimensional paper theatre, complete with 3D animated characters and an animated environment.

The Process
In the gallery I am showing the process involved in creating the three. An outline sketch is done to plan the composition and concept. Secondly a rough colour study is done to plan the colour scheme and tonal values, and the last step is to texture the sketches in Photoshop. To achieve the watercolour paper effect, some areas where traditionally illustrated with pencils and watercolour, which was then digitally manipulated in Photoshop.

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